TOP 5 Board Management Software Review

Are you looking for powerful board software to manage your board team more efficiently and securely? Then, check out the best board software reviews in the IT market to dot the i’s and cross the t’s.

Board software – a new board meeting management standard

Meetings are the main absorber of time for every leader. Surveys show that managers spend up to 80% of their time at conferences and meetings. The main reason is the inefficient organization of meetings. Because of the pandemic, all organizations have rethought themselves, their business, and how they interact with their audiences. Therefore, today most of them have already transferred their activity into virtual space. It is possible with the help of specially designed cloud-based solutions like board management software.

This software solution creates a single digital information space for joint board collaboration, improving the processes of planning and monitoring the activities of employees and increasing the level of coordination between the activities of the participants in the process.

  • meeting planning: agreeing on the date, place, time, and agenda;
  • automatic sending of invitations;
  • elimination of routine operations for documenting the results of the meeting (functions of automatic generation of protocol files and reports according to customizable templates);
  • prompt informing the performers (automatic generation of tasks based on decisions made at the meeting).
  • reduction of terms of execution of the adopted decisions;
  • timely and complete informing the participants of the meetings about the issues discussed, the decisions taken, and the progress of their implementation.

The main software benefit is that board members can access their data and files anytime without their localization restrictions.

The best board management software reviews

There is the top 5 award-winning board management software to help you choose the best one for your company:

  • Boardmaps is best for board teams that need a reliable collaboration tool. You can easily set up agendas in the portal for organizers. The meeting points are already ready for you from the chosen template. In the template, all agenda items, the participants, the location, and the organizers are already prepared.
  • Diligent meets the highest standards in terms of security and reliability. In addition, meetings created in the board system are displayed in the calendar of all its participants, and invitations are automatically sent to the e-mail addresses indicated in the employee cards. 
  • Nasdaq is an efficient board management tool that keeps your work and schedule in one place. It contains unlimited users and projects and offers 200MB of free storage for your project files and other team data. The system will remind you of tasks, so you do not miss anything. In addition, it is possible to assign roles: responsible, director, and observer.
  • Govenda is known for its exceptional ease of use. Reviewers state that the software “requires little or no training. The software also controls time and budget and provides reports. The workflow is divided into categories, projects, tasks, and subtasks. Discussion is attached to the tasks. The system also includes a reliable voting module. 
  • OnBoard has a simple user interface that’s especially great for collaboration. Board teams can discuss tasks in real-time while using the screen simultaneously and comment on each other’s tasks using notes. In addition, the software allows you to communicate with your team internally, which increases your company’s visibility and helps you build closer relationships between the board members and stakeholders.