How to Onboard New Board Members?

New members have joined the board of directors of the company. As a result, the question arises among employees responsible for corporate governance: how to familiarize newcomers with the company’s activities and what is needed to ensure that they start working in a new place as quickly and efficiently as possible? What is onboarding, and … Continue reading “How to Onboard New Board Members?”

Is Your Organisation Ready for Boardroom Technology?

Companies that can change quickly and launch new services are more competitive today. Therefore, more and more organizations understand digital transformation’s importance to success. So, how to understand if you are ready for boardroom technology? Time for change: where should businesses start digital transformation? Nowadays, companies are forced to switch to technologies they did not … Continue reading “Is Your Organisation Ready for Boardroom Technology?”

TOP 5 Board Management Software Review

Are you looking for powerful board software to manage your board team more efficiently and securely? Then, check out the best board software reviews in the IT market to dot the i’s and cross the t’s. Board software – a new board meeting management standard Meetings are the main absorber of time for every leader. … Continue reading “TOP 5 Board Management Software Review”